What year is it?

May 2004 was the latest time I was on campus at my alma mater, the University at Albany, when I graduated. So when I find myself in Albany for the day today, I decide to head over to go back in time and head over to campus.

It definitely took me back to the early 2000s when I was a student here. While there are new buildings, a new football stadium and other new stuff from the last decade, most of it hasn’t changed.

There’s still the familiar concrete Podium and quads. There’s still the fountain in the middle of the Podium, though the main fountain isn’t on. Other than a lack of people around on a Saturday in late July, being on the Podium feels like I’m walking to class again. It feels like I never left.

Of course, if it was 2004, I wouldn’t have been able to write and upload this post using my phone while walking around campus.


The Podium and fountain



Where I spent much of my time


The new football stadium

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