Swype your way to easier typing on iOS 8

One of the features that Android users have been able to take advantage of for years that iOS users have been missing is the ability to use third-party keyboards rather than the stock keyboard that comes pre-installed on most devices. The recent release of iOS 8 adds the ability for iOS users to finally utilize third-party keyboards. In my opinion, the best option is Swype, which I’ve been using on my Android phones and tablets since 2009, and it is the first app I download whenever I get a new device.

The main functionality of Swype has been copied by many other Android keyboards, but Swype was the first to implement it and, in my experience, is still the best at it. Rather than having to click on each letter in the word, you can just draw a trail through each letter you want in one continuous motion without having to lift your finger off of the screen, other than to make a space between words. Here’s a demo of the Android version in action:

In my limited experience of using the iOS keyboard on other people’s iPhones, it leaves something to be desired as far as a touchscreen input method so Apple finally giving its users choices and allowing third-party keyboards to be used is definitely a step in the right direction and iPhone and iPad users should take advantage of it. I paid 99 cents for it when it was first added to Google Play and think it’s the best 99 cents I’ve ever spent in the Play store. At the time of writing, it is available for the same price in the iTunes store. You use the keyboard virtually every time you use your phone, so why not spend $1 on a keyboard that is a vast improvement over Apple’s default keyboard? I think Swype should be on all Android and, now, iOS devices.


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