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Three years ago…

…today was when I made my first post on this blog. Over the last three years, the number of posts has gone from one to 360 (counting this one). Posts about the NFL (including the fourth installment of my 32 in 32ish series coming this summer) and Major League Baseball are my most common during that time, but there’s also an occasion tech-related post when there’s a flagship phone announced from the likes of Samsung or Apple.

The (somewhat-surprising) list of the five most-read posts is:

The Week in Android Wear: iPhone compatibility, Huawei Watch, Moto 360 (2nd gen), ASUS ZenWatch 2
[Updated: Will Smith injury] 2nd Annual 30 in 30ish MLB Previews: Milwaukee Brewers 3rd Annual 30 in 30ish MLB Previews: San Diego Padres
3rd Annual 30 in 30ish MLB Previews: Milwaukee Brewers My way-too-early MLB All-Star Game ballot

Some of my favorite posts include:

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Two years …

Today marks the second anniversary of my blog. I have posted 226 more posts (227 counting this one) since my first. The majority of my posts have been about the NFL and Major League Baseball, with some tech-related posts as well. Coming up this summer, more posts about the baseball season and a third season of 32 in 32ish, previewing all 32 NFL teams before the season begins the Thursday after Labor Day.

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One year later …

Today marks a year since I started this blog with my a short first post. Since then, I’ve written 89 posts — mostly about sports and technology, with some other random posts mixed in as well. When I started the blog, I wasn’t sure how long I would keep up with it, but it’s still going after 365 days. You can check out all of my posts here. And here’s to another year of the blog, including in the coming weeks a look at how my MLB predictions are looking around the halfway point of the season and a second year of 32 in 32ish, previewing all 32 NFL teams leading up to the season opener in September.

What year is it?

May 2004 was the latest time I was on campus at my alma mater, the University at Albany, when I graduated. So when I find myself in Albany for the day today, I decide to head over to go back in time and head over to campus.

It definitely took me back to the early 2000s when I was a student here. While there are new buildings, a new football stadium and other new stuff from the last decade, most of it hasn’t changed.

There’s still the familiar concrete Podium and quads. There’s still the fountain in the middle of the Podium, though the main fountain isn’t on. Other than a lack of people around on a Saturday in late July, being on the Podium feels like I’m walking to class again. It feels like I never left.

Of course, if it was 2004, I wouldn’t have been able to write and upload this post using my phone while walking around campus.


The Podium and fountain



Where I spent much of my time


The new football stadium